Why Stained Glass Theology?

Are you longing to experience a deeper and wider connection with the body of Christ? Do you have genuine questions about difficult topics? Have fences been built so high that you can’t have a productive conversation with anyone outside of a particular  tribe or denomination? Do the concepts of one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, and one baptism seem impossibly out of reach (Eph. 4)?

Stained Glass Theology is a podcast dedicated to having friendly conversations about the issues that divide the church. We desire that all Christians will be of one mind, purpose, and action so that the world will know that God loves them and sent His Son.


As we have conversations with Christian leaders, scholars, pastors, and thinkers—we place a non-negotiable value on…

Core Christian orthodoxy as expressed in the historic apostles creed.

Irenic, conversational tone committed to first seeking understanding.

A love and respect for the entire Body of Christ past and present.

Faith seeking understanding so we can walk in the truth.

Rigorously and cheerfully contributing to the conversation.

About the Hosts

Jason and Rob

Jason Hart

I love reading and talking about how believers approach and live out their faith in Christ. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in pastoral training, I spent several years managing Christian bookstores. I’ve also spent time on staff at a local church both as an executive director and pastor. My wife and I have three children and live in Northeast Pennsylvania. During the day you’re most likely to find me making somebody’s yard look a little better than it did before, and in the evenings you’re most likely to find me reading to my kids and drinking iced tea.

Jason Hart

Rob Spangler

I’m a website designer who enjoys the study of theology, particularly the intersection of culture and technology. I nerd out on the Inklings, good books, and Medieval stuff. My wife and I have had the opportunity to do some international work in the past and have put down roots for this season as we raise our family. We have four children together. Fatherhood led me to write a book of poetry called The Pilgrimage of Fatherhood. I’m a B.Th. graduate of Bethlehem College and Seminary and hold a degree in Digital Media.

Rob Spangler

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Friendly conversations about the issues that divide the church.